Happy New Year!!!

I am happy to see all of my 5th grade students back to school safe, rested, energetic, and ready to learn GEOGRAPHY!!!!

We are moving forward with this nine weeks with U.S. Geography.  We are focusing first on the regions and locations of those regions within the United States.  We will dissect the entire U.S. map one region at a time while using our ISN (Interactive Student Notebook).  To culminate the regional lessons we will be making a travel brochure of a region of the students’ choice.  So if you have any information or pictures of different areas of the United States, please label the pictures and send them in with your child so we can see different areas of the USA.

One of my many goals from now to the end of the year is preparing your child for the middle school.  I will continue to help each and every child prepare for that major transition, and if you have any questions about that transition please call me at school at 448-0175.

As always, I enjoy working with you and all of my students.  Everyone puts a smile on may face when I see them (not that I am not already smiling anticipating their arrival each day) !!

Enjoy your new year, and thank you for all of your support throughout the year.

With Smiles,

Mrs. Honeycutt