Springtime is fast approaching!!

With springtime fast approaching so is the end of the school year.  We have completed two SOL tests this week, the English multiple choice test and the English short paper essay.  The students will also have a Reading, Math, and Science SOL test later on during the fourth nine weeks of school.  Please continue to check your child’s Thursday folders for positives.  If you see a decline in any subject, call the teacher of that subject and inquire about the progress or lack of progress in respects to your child.  All of the fifth grade students are more than capable of doing well in their classes, and with your support and our teamwork, they will be able to be successful at any level.

During this time in Social Studies we are moving forward with geography lessons learning basics such as geographic regions and features of the USA, directions on a map, major bodies of water, land forms, rivers, and locations of states.  We are also getting ready to complete lessons on the location of Virginia on a U.S. map and its bordering states.  It is important the students know where to locate Virginia on any given map.  It is surprising to me that many of them are not able to find Virginia on a map.  Lastly, we will be working diligently on the states grouped by regions learning each state, its capital, and its significance to the development of the United States.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child or the curriculum please do not hesitate to call me at 804-448-0175 or email me at choneycutt@ccps.us.

Thank you for sending us your best!!  This has been an enjoyable and memorable year for me.  I am happy to be back home!!!

Mrs. Honeycutt