Welcome to the 2013-2014 5th Grade School year at Lewis and Clark Elementary School

Welcome to Mrs. Honeycutt’s 5th Grade Geography Class.  This year you will learn about continents, oceans, longitude, latitude, geographical regions, and different land forms within the United States just to mention a few.   If you are wondering about school supplies for my classroom I would love to suggest the following items:  

                       1-One subject non-perforated spiral notebook              

                       1-Pack of colored pencils/crayons ONLY

                       1-Hand held pencil sharpener                        

                       5-Sharpened pencils                          

                       1-Pair of scissors                        

                       1-Package of loose leaf paper

I hope you had an enjoyable yet restful summer, and that you are fully prepared for your 5th grade school year.  Accountability, responsibility, and independence are terms you will be hearing on a regular basis, and we expect the best of you each and every day.  Be prepared to have the best year you ever had right here at Lewis and Clark Elementary!!!

I will be seeing you soon!!!


Mrs. Honeycutt