Update for Second Nine Weeks

During the second nine weeks of school the students will be learning about the bordering states of Virginia, US Geographical Regions including the 50 states and their major cities, and a review of everything taught in the first nine weeks.  When students return from the Thanksgiving break, we will begin the states and four major cities of the Northeast Region.  Please encourage your son/daughter to watch the weather channel to see how the weather in the states are discussed or displayed.  I would also encourage you to ask your child questions about which state is which while the forecast is showing.

Students completed their third Common Assessment, and did well on it.  I also retaught the most missed questions and retested the students to check for mastery.

The second Benchmark Test is a cumulative test meaning it will include information from the first nine weeks as well.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I am enjoying my time teaching the greatest students in Caroline.  Each of them bring happiness to my classroom on a daily basis!!


Mrs. Honeycutt   “Go Steelers”