Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!! :)

After being away from school for a week I enthusiastically welcome all of my students and parents back to a routine.  We are taking benchmark tests this week.  Today we completed the Writing Benchmark test.  Tuesday we will complete the Math Benchmark test, Wednesday the Writing Multiple Choice and Geography Test will be administered, and Friday the Science benchmark test will be completed.


Monday, February 3, 2014 will be a Teacher Workday and a student holiday.  The second semester will begin February 4, 2014, report cards will go home on February 10, 2014, and on February 11, 2014 LCES will have an early dismissal with Parent- Teacher Conferences from 1pm to 7pm.

The second semester, or third nine weeks, will begin with early cultures developed in North America and types of resources (natural, human, and capital).  We will then proceed to factors that shaped colonial America specifically New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies.  Students will be taught how people interacted with their environment to produce goods and services, including examples of specialization and interdependence.  This information will be taught throughout the duration of the third nine weeks.