Welcome to the 2015 School Year


I am excited to begin the New Year after a long and well-deserved break.  I am happy to see my students again all safe and willing to begin the third nine weeks of school.

This nine weeks we are going to shift from Geography to a little bit of history by learning about Colonial America.  The New England colonies, The Mid-Atlantic colonies, and the Souther colonies are our main focus.  We will dig into the each colony by learning the Geography and Climate, Resources, Examples of Interdependence, Specialization of goods and services, Social lives in each region, and finally the Political aspects of each region.

As always we will begin with vocabulary skills then move on to each region.  I will teach in basic information to the students, we will work on in our Interactive Student Notebooks, and we will culminate all of the activities by completing a project similar to what we did the second nine weeks.  The culminating project will include the “Tough Stuff” from the second benchmark test.  The “Tough Stuff” is individualized for each student since it is the information the student answered incorrectly on the second benchmark test.  Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the “Tough Stuff” in their project after I reteach the information to them which is ongoing in class.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at choneycutt@ccps.us or call LCES at 804-448-0175 between the hours of 8am and 4pm.  Thank you again for sending the GREATEST kids in the world to me!!!


Mrs. Cynthia L. Honeycutt

Author: choneycutt

Hello, My name is Cynthia L. Honeycutt, and this is my 34th year teaching in Caroline. I have been a 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teacher in Caroline, and now returning home to teach 5th grade to end out my career. I am happily married to Mr. George Honeycutt for 27 years. We have four beautiful boys, Wesley who is employed at Premium , Matthew who is a senior at VCU studying History Education, Jonathan who is employed at MC Dean, and Solon who is a tenth grader at CHS. Our boys have performed well in school, and I know it is due to an awesome school system who puts children's best interests first. We are proud parents of our boys. We also have been living in Caroline since 1998. I enjoy teaching, and it is my passion to share my knowledge and love of teaching with my students. I always felt that I had the best students to teach each and every year. I am in education for the students, and to teach them that learning is great and can be fun. In my spare time I enjoy swimming, four-wheeling, and watching sports--Go Steelers!!! I also enjoy riding my motorcycle. Lastly, I enjoy driving around my 1979 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400, it seems to bring back high school memories and when cars were really build tough!! I hope your children enjoy my class as much as I enjoy seeing and teaching them!!