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1st 9 week SOL’s for Math

SOL 5.1 – Decimal place value through thousandths and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, tenth, or hundredth.

SOL 5.4 – Find the sum , difference, product, and quotient of whole numbers. To create and solve single and multi-step problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers.  Students were taught to use “Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Rover” DMSBR to remember the steps in long division–Divide,Multiply,Subtract, Bring Down, Remainder if any

SOL 5.5a/b – Finding the sum, difference, and product of two numbers expressed as decimals. To create and solve single and multi-step problems involving decimals.

SOL 5.10 – Determine elapsed time in hours and minutes within a 24 hour period.

SOL 5.19 – To investigate and describe the distributive property

2nd 9 week SOL’S

SOL 5.3b – To identify and describe the characteristics of even and odd numbers.

SOL 5.7 – To find the value of numerical expressions using the order of operations.  Given an expression describe which operation is completed 1st, 2nd, etc. Limited to parenthesis, +, -, x, and ÷.  Students were taught to use PEMDAS–Parenthesis, Exponents (none in 5th grade), Multiply or Divide which ever comes first from left to right, Add or Subtract which ever comes first from left to right.

SOL 5.8a/b – To find perimeter, area, and volume in standard units of polygons and to differentiate among perimeter, area, and volume. To identify whether the application of perimeter, area, and volume is appropriate for a given situation.

SOL 5.9To identify and describe the diameter, radius, chord, and circumference of a circle.

SOL 5.11 – To measure angles using a protractor (hand-held and electronic)

SOL 5.12a/b-To classify angles as right, acute, obtuse, or straight and triangles as right, acute, obtuse, equilateral, scalene, or isosceles.

SOL 5.13a/b-To develop definitions of plane figures (squares, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid) and to investigate and describe results of combining and subdividing plane figures.

Third Nine Weeks Math Objectives

SOL 5.2a/b – To recognize and name fractions in their equivalent decimal form and visa versa with denominators up to 12. To compare and order fractions and decimals(given a set of 5 or less, written as fractions, decimals, or mixed numbers).

SOL 5.3a – To identify and describe characteristics of prime and composite numbers.

SOL 5.6 – To solve single and multi-step practical problems involving addition and subtraction with fractions (fractions and mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators of 12 or less, answers expressed in simplest form, estimate to check reasonableness of sum/difference).

SOL 5.15 – To formulate questions to guide data collection, organize data (charts, tables, stem-and-leaf charts, and line graphs), and to interpret data.

SOL 5.16a/b/c – To find mean, median, mode as measures of center, mean as a fair share, and range as a measure of variation.

Here are the following websites for Math – copy link into browser to view prime number rap.

The following two links are tangram puzzle games for practice combining and subdividing polygons.

The following link is to the ixl website with lots of online practice resources.